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Author: Moda by Athena | 14 Nov 2023

4 Christmas Costume Ideas for Children

Christmas is a magical time for children, full of joy and excitement. One of the most fun ways to celebrate this holiday is by choosing themed costumes for the little ones in the house. In this article we are going to show you some Christmas costume ideas for a cute Christmas photoshoot or for Christmas Eve.


1. Classic Santa Costume



One of the most iconic Christmas costumes is that of Santa Claus and he looks absolutely adorable on children. This costume consists of a red coat, red trousers and the iconic Christmas hat. You can add a sack of presents to complete the look.


Imagine your little girl in this costume for a fun photo shoot, then send postcards to friends and family wishing them a Merry Christmas.


2. Reindeer Costume



Reindeer are Santa's faithful and playful companions in his magical sleigh. If you want to be innovative and not use the classic costume, you can opt for a cute reindeer costume. This costume comes in several styles.


For babies, the costumes are designed to melt with love. For example, there is a little one-piece outfit with a tutu skirt and the traditional reindeer antlers. Can you imagine your little girl dressed like this?


3. Reindeer Sweater Jumpsuit



If you don't want your little one to wear a Christmas costume, you can choose a reindeer-inspired outfit, for example. There are now a variety of Christmas-inspired clothes, such as woven onesies with embroidered designs. 


This type of costume, as well as being ideal for a photo shoot, can also be used for Christmas Eve or attending a family gathering.


4. Christmas print dress



For girls, there are beautiful printed dresses with a Christmas theme, for example a print that shows the beauty and magic of the North Pole, with Santa and his reindeer. 


This type of dress can work as a costume as well as an outfit to attend the Christmas gathering that is always held to share with the family.


Remember that Christmas is a special time to share gifts and create lasting memories. We know that these Christmas costumes will not only make your children look adorable, but will also give them the opportunity to participate in festive activities and share the joy with friends and family. Find the best outfits at Moda by Athena



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