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Author: Moda by Athena | 26 Feb 2024

The best St. Patrick's day party ideas

St. Patrick's Day is an annual celebration honouring the life of Ireland's patron saint, St. Patrick. This holiday, which takes place on March 17, has transcended Ireland's borders to become a popularly celebrated occasion around the world, especially here in the United States. 


Here are some ideas if you're planning a St. Patrick's Day party and don't know where to start.


The must-have is to choose everything green


The colour green is an iconic element of St. Patrick's Day, as it is associated with the island of Ireland and spring. During the celebration, it is common to wear green clothing and to choose all decorations in this colour.


Choose St. Patrick's Day decorations


To create a festive atmosphere at home or elsewhere, it is important to decorate with St. Patrick's Day decorations. You can use green balloons, shamrock garlands, and buy centrepieces inspired by Irish culture to make your party unforgettable. 


Food and drink should also be St. Patrick's themed


We recommend that you prepare typical Irish food and drink as this is a delicious way to celebrate St Patrick's Day. You can bake or buy shamrock-shaped cookies, make a delicious mince pie and make Irish whiskey cocktails. For people who don't drink alcohol, you can buy green lemonade. As you can see, there are options for all tastes and ages. 


Create a list of fun games


Organising games and activities around St. Patrick's Day is a great way to entertain guests. Here are some creative ideas to add some fun to your celebration.


1. Fancy Dress Competition


Invite your friends and family to participate in a St. Patrick's Day themed fancy dress competition. Reward originality and creativity.


2. St. Patrick's Day Trivia


Test your guests' knowledge of Irish culture with a themed trivia game. Prepare questions about the history of St. Patrick's Day, the geography of Ireland and the traditions of St. Patrick's Day. 


3. Clover Treasure Hunt


Host a St. Patrick's-themed scavenger hunt in your home or an outdoor space. Hide toy shamrocks or chocolate coins and provide clues for participants to find them.


In conclusion, St. Patrick's Day is a special occasion to celebrate Irish culture and enjoy joyful moments with friends and family. Follow these tips to organise an unforgettable party.


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