5 Matching ideas for your beige tutu skirt

5 Matching ideas for your beige tutu skirt

The use of tutu skirts as part of a casual outfit for different occasions is becoming very popular, as the volume of the tutu gives us a romantic and delicate touch. One of the most popular colours is beige, as it combines well with other colours and is easy to match with other clothing. Here are some ideas on how to combine your outfit a beige tutu skirt. 

1. Match your Beige Tutu Skirt with a Basic T-Shirt

For a casual-chic style, pairing a beige tutu with a basic tee is a wise choice. You can add accessories such as earrings, purses, bracelets, among others, to further enhance this casual yet elegant look.

2. Beige Tutu and Leather Jacket: A Bold Contrast

Fusing the elegance of the beige tutu skirt with a leather jacket will create an outfit with a lot of bold contrast and appeal. A great idea is to pair this look with ankle boots and accessories for a complete and unique style. 

3. Romantic look: Beige tutu and floral blouse

Are you planning a special date or an important event? Discover how to achieve a romantic and very feminine look by combining your beige tutu with a floral blouse. A soft hairstyle, such as loose waves, will complement this look perfectly. For make-up, opt for soft, natural shades that subtly enhance your beauty.


4. Beige tutu in the workplace 

The use of a beige tutu skirt can be incorporated in an elegant way into the work environment. For a more formal look, you can add a blouse and blazer. When it comes to shoes, low heels, elegant loafers or closed shoes are good choices.

5. Beige evening tutu 

When the occasion calls for glitz and glamour, the beige tutu is your perfect ally. Pair it with a top or blouse with shiny details or sequins. Complete your look with a striking hairstyle and make-up, such as glamorous waves, elegant up-do's or intense lips, ideal for evening events.

How to care for your beige tutu skirt?

The beige tutu is a unique garment and requires special care to maintain its quality and appearance. Follow these tips to ensure your tutu looks impeccable on every occasion.

1. Wash your skirt only when necessary and use gentle washing methods, preferably by hand, to preserve the quality of the materials.

 2. After washing your beige tutu, do not tumble dry it. Instead, lay it on a flat surface and let it air dry.

 3. Use padded hooks or gently fold the garment to avoid permanent creases.

 4. If your beige tutu has special details such as lace, embroidery or embellishments, pay special attention  to these elements when cleaning. 

As we can see, the tutu skirt is truly a gem in the fashion world, as it has a versatility that allows you to create beautiful outfits for occasions ranging from a casual outing to an important evening event. 

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