How to choose the first baby girl dress shoes?

How to choose the first baby girl dress shoes?

Choosing the first pair of baby girl dress shoes is an exciting and important decision for parents, because your baby's comfort and safety are paramount, and these tiny shoes can make a big difference for them. In this article, we'll guide you through the process of selecting the perfect pair, ensuring both style and functionality.

 1. Determine the right size

Before you start shopping for baby dress shoes, it's crucial to know the right size for your little one's feet. Be conscient that babies' feet grow rapidly, and choosing the correct size is essential for comfort and development. 

 2. Material Matters

Baby shoes should be soft and flexible so that they have freedom of movement. We recommend choosing shoes made of comfortable materials, such as leather, for example, that allow your baby to feel free while crawling or learning to walk. 

 3. Flexibility is key

A baby's feet are still developing, and their shoes should be flexible to support this growth. Ensure that the dress shoes you choose have a flexible sole that allows your baby to move her feet naturally. Always keep in mind that cute should never be uncomfortable, especially for your baby. 

 4. Consider style and design

While comfort and safety are top priorities, you'll also want your little girl to look adorable in her dress shoes. There are currently several adorable models so you can choose a style and design to match her outfit. There are even models that include rhinestones and sparkles to make your baby look elegant.

 5. Check toe room

Make sure there is enough room for your baby's toes to move inside the shoes. Remember that shoes that are too tight can be uncomfortable and hinder the natural development of the foot. Plus your baby will feel stressed, which is not good for anyone.

 6. Think About the Season

Consider the season when choosing baby's dress shoes. You can opt for more closed shoes in autumn and winter seasons, such as the Mary Jane model, for example; while in summer and spring, it is advisable to opt for sandals so that their feet do not perspire.

 7. Brand reputation

Consider brands that are known for selling quality and durable baby shoes, so you can be sure they will last and won't be damaged while your baby is crawling, walking or running.


 8. Consider ankle support

For babies who are already learning to walk, shoes with ankle support are a very good option to provide greater stability while they are in this process. This way, they will be able to walk more confidently and without fear of falling or bumping themselves.

Choosing the first baby girl dress shoes is a special moment for parents, because it's a decision that combines style, comfort, and your baby's development. Remember to consider factors like size, materials, flexibility, and style. At Moda by Athena we offer the most beautiful and comfortable baby dress shoes girls, which are perfect for any occasion. Discover our models by visiting our website. 

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